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Charles Barkley, just like he did in 2011 and 2012, still thinks the NBA sucks


It hardly needs to be pointed out any longer that Charles Barkley speaks his mind and is unafraid to ruffle some feathers along the way as he pontificates about the NBA, politics, well, anything and everything. Perhaps stories should be written about occasions when Barkley appears to pull his punches a bit when discussing a particular issue.

But that would leave a dearth of coverage of Barkley’s oft-compelling, sometimes-provocative and always-insightful analysis, especially as it pertains to what he perceives as a crisis related to the sub-par quality of basketball currently being played in the NBA.

Barkley spoke at a press event on Tuesday at Manhattan’s Essex House Hotel about CBS and Turner Broadcasting’s plans for coverage of the NCAA Tournament. Among the topics discussed were how he thinks players should go to college for two years and how that would have a positive effect on the quality of NBA basketball. Because in Barkley’s view, at this point (and previously — more on that later), it sucks.

“I think you should have to play in college for two years,” Barkley said, as quoted in an report. “You’ll get a lot better in two years than you will playing 30 games. Clearly, the NBA sucks right now. The NBA is the worst it’s ever been. I feel bad for the fans because they are not getting a quality product. All the players are making a lot of money but these fans are not getting quality basketball.”

Barkley’s critically negative assessment of the NBA has been a recurring theme whenever he has weighed in on the subject over the past few years. He said the NBA sucked in 2011. And he said the NBA sucked again in 2012.

It’s strange, but no story could be located from 2013 where Barkley said that the NBA sucked in that year as well. Odds are he did say it and we’re just missing it.

Barkley’s opinion of the current sad state of the NBA is similar to how many other experts view the quality of the league over the past few years. And frankly, Barkley is spot-on in his critique. The game has grown progressively uglier. Getting players to spend a few years in college certainly would help, but the league has other issues of relative significance as well that need to be addressed before the game return to the kind of quality it once enjoyed.

Just to throw one out there: Either get rid of the traveling rule or start enforcing it, for crying out loud. Now get off my lawn.