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Carlos Beltran sports cheetah facepaint on roller coaster at Busch Gardens (video)

Spring Training can be a bit of a grind for players as they get their minds and bodies back into playing condition in order to prepare the true grind of a 162-game regular season. Still, through the month or so that players spend their days toiling under the warm sun in Florida and Arizona, time is afforded to them so they can get away from the fields to get out and enjoy themselves or spend time with their families.

New York Yankees outfielder Carlos Beltran accomplished both those things with a family outing to Busch Gardens. As you can see, Carlos and the family hit up one of the theme park’s roller coasters, which looked to be a grand old time. What makes the video more interesting is the fact that Beltran is rocking some a pretty epic cheetah facepaint job. RAWR! Talk about getting into the moment, right? He looks like an extra in “Cats” or something.

Beltran signed a three-year, $45 million deal with the Yankees during the offseason. That’s a good thing. Do you have any idea what a day pass at Busch Gardens runs for these days? It’s crazy! Okay, not “You need to make $15 million/year to afford them, but you know what I’m getting at.