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Ron Washington says he once paid a $200 MLB fine with 20,000 pennies

ron washington

Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington relayed a fantastic spring training story from where he took an unconventional and humorous route to tell Major League Baseball to “Take this fine and shove it.”

Washington told the Star Telegram about how an ejection from a spring training in 2011 and the ensuing fine provided him a wonderful opportunity to play the ultimate smart aleck.

Washington recalled the event after arguing a call with the home plate umpire on Saturday after Prince Fielder was punched out on a strikeout.

The skipper got ejected from the 2011 game after arguing a play where Adrian Beltre had been thrown out.

“I lost my mind,” Washington said. “Beltre was yelling from the dugout, ‘It was outside!’ And the umpire threw him out of the game because he told Beltre to stop and Beltre didn’t stop. And then I went out there and argued with him and I said something I shouldn’t have said.”

An ejection during a spring training game nets a manager a $100 fine, but because there really was nowhere for Washington to go at the Peoria Sports Complex, he stayed in the dugout. So the fine was doubled to $200.

And that’s when Washington came up with the brilliant idea of snarky comeuppance.

 Washington responded by filling a box with $200 in pennies and mailing it to Bob Watson, MLB vice president in charge of discipline. Cost to mail it to New York: About $45.

 Watson called after receiving the box.

 Watson: “And you just had $200 in pennies hanging around? Washington: “Yes. Bob, I didn’t have my checkbook. I wasn’t trying to be funny. Now go to the bank and put that in the [change] machine and get your $200.”

Boom. Take that, Major League Baseball. Put those pennies in your pipe and smoke ’em. Whatever that means.

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