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Bengals corner Dre Kirkpatrick tweets image of himself vomiting because gross (photo)


For some reason that only he can explain, albeit not well enough given the circumstances, Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick took to Twitter to post a photograph of himself “enjoying” a post-workout bout of vomiting…

Because, you know, gross. Apparently, it is supposed to document in an overtly disturbing manner just how hard he pushes himself during workouts. Or something.

Seriously, what would make a person think that other folks want to see an image of them puking? Further, why would a person decide to point out his decision and re-post said disturbing image, thereby further disseminating said image.

Wait. What?

Anyway, being complicit in publicizing the pic, between this photo from Kirkpatrick and teammate George Iloka posting a poop-related tweet Monday, the Bengals are enjoying a banner social media week.

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