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Hobo interviewed on Heat postgame show … wait, that’s Chris ‘Birdman’ Andersen (video)

The Miami Heat snapped its three-game losing streak on Monday after beating the Washington Wizards by the score of 99-90. Chris “Birdman” Andersen scored 9 points and pulled down 3 rebounds in the win. And while his on-court contributions aren’t dazzling in the box score, his antics during an interview on Sun Sports’ postgame show surely were a sight to behold.

The tattooed, Mohawked and bearded maniac was a delight. From his unkempt, Mojo Risin-like appearance to his weird behavior (the introductory handshake was top-notch, as is how he adjusts his chair midway through the interview) and oddball answers, Birdman most certainly delivered, providing compelling theater as he broke the mold of the standard athlete interview that typically results in a bland and boring exercise that more often than not devolves into a dull affair.

But his answer to the first question posed to him during the interview is the highlight of the entire spectacle.

When asked why the Heat’s three-game losing streak ended, Birdman’s response:

“‘Cause we won.”

Bravo, Birdman. Shine on, you crazy diamond and keep letting that freak flag fly. It’s like if Charles Manson was a professional basketball player.

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