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Bengals safety George Iloka is considerate when it comes to pooping


This just in: Cincinnati Bengals safety George Iloka is one thoughtful, considerate and tactful young man, especially as it pertains to the timing of his bowel movements and the deference he shows to the olfactory comfort of his cleaning lady.

Iloka took to Twitter on Monday to reveal that even though he really had to go, he was going to hold his poop in until his cleaning lady left his residence.


That’s nice. Considering how Iloka characterized his upcoming toilet session — “a big ol sh*t” as he put it — the cleaning lady clearly was spared the torment and awkwardness of being present during said poop.

No word if the cleaning lady indicated if she demanded more Lemon Pledge. If she knew how thoughtful Iloka was being, maybe she would have let it slide.

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