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Poor effort earns Sidney Crosby the ‘Disconnected X Box Controller Treatment’ (GIF)

It isn’t often that Sidney Crosby gets called out for pretty much anything he does on the ice — save for the sizable contingent of Sid the Kid haters, who cannot stand anything the Pittsburgh Penguins superstar does  — but the weaksauce effort he put into playing defense on Patrick Marleau’s shorthanded goal in Pittsburgh’s 5-3 loss to the San Jose Sharks on Thursday earns Crosby some deserved grief. And some hilarious mockery.

On a night Crosby notched a minus-5 for his play — a career-worst — the way he appeared to completely give up, allowing Evgeni Malkin and goaltender Jeff Zatkoff take care of it, as Marleau skated in and scored is borderline embarrassing.

Because of this seemingly lackluster effort, Sidney Crosby has been bequeathed with the dishonorable “Disconnected XBox Controller Treatment.”

Via Ann Frazier:

Ha. Awesome. A similar woeful effort from Alex Ovechkin resulted in a similar treatment:

Amusing stuff, to be sure. But as Puck Daddy’s esteemed Greg Wyshynski points out, the GIF — in particular the one that breaks down Crosby’s supposed breakdown — only provides a snippet of everything that was going on during the play, from what Crosby’s responsibilities were, whether he had any chance of catching Marleau with drawing a penalty, and so on and so on.

And still, it’s a hoot to watch. Unfair? Maybe. Hilarious? You better believe it. Maybe just a smidgen more effort — or the appearance of it — may have saved Crosby from the GIF-based ridicule.