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Kevin Love on Tyson Chandler saying he can’t play D: ”F*** him. I don’t give a s***’

During a particularly disappointing loss at home to the New York Knicks on Wednesday, Minnesota Timberwolves power forward Kevin Love was called out by Tyson Chandler for his less-than-stellar abilities on the defensive end.

With the Knicks up 66-55 at halftime on the way to a 118-106 win, Chandler was the poor Knicks player who had to participate in the standard player interview as the team strolls off the court and heads to the locker room.

Reporter: “How are you taking advantage of it then?

Chandler: ”Huh?”

Reporter: ”How can you take advantage of the mismatch on your end?”

Reporter: “Oh! Go at him. He can’t play D!”

Chandler’s candid — if not accurate — comments, set off a discussion regarding the veracity of his assessment of Kevin Love’s defensive deficiencies, not to mention praise for how well he executed his smack talk knockdown.

Love certainly is not the best defensive power forward in the game — not by a long shot — but he’s a helluva rebounder and can shoot the rock from everywhere, unlike most fours.

He nevertheless appeared to take offense to Chandler’s critique. The T’Wolves sharpshooter reportedly was asked by FOX Sports North web writer Phil Ervin about the slight from Chandler, and according to a tweet from Ervin, Love, like Chandler before him, put it bluntly: “F*** him. I don’t give a s***,” Love snipped.

Oh snap!

Ervin later tweeted that Love’s profane retort should be taken with a grain of salt, as the two players apparently became pals when they played together for Team USA.


So there you have it. A non-story story, perhaps. Nothing more than a little smack talk between two buddies through the media. On the other hand, maybe Love isn’t pleased at all that his friend called him out like that in such a critical, public manner.

Whatever the case, it would be a good idea for one or both of them to clear the air, especially if their chums. Let bygones be bygones, right?

Or, keep the trash talk coming. That’s much more entertaining anyway.