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One sexy shoot with Kate Upton lands Tigers’ Bryan Holaday ‘Swimsuit Issue’ cover (pic)

On Sunday, a delightfully disturbing photo hit the interwebs of Detroit Tigers catcher Bryan Holaday posing alongside Kate Upton. As you can see, Holaday is dressed rather alluringly (?) and provocatively (??) in some kind of stars and stripes-inspired swimsuit. It’s quite the sight, to be sure. The kind of sight that could make a person pull an Oedipus should any sharp objects be laying about, but that’s another story altogether.

Of course, Upton’s romantic affiliation with Justin Verlander provides the “how” in the question “How did these two meet up?” The “why” aspect, however,” as in “Why in the hell did this photo get taken for the love of God?” is a more curious query.

In any event, the photo was taken by Tigers pitcher Joba Chamberlain for the purposes of perverse perpetuity and the rest, as they say, is history.

But the story, my friends, is not quite finished. You see, some wisenheimer decided to take the alarming image featuring Holaday posing in a swimsuit, remove the only attractive aspect of it — Kate Upton — and Photoshop the Tigers catcher on to a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover of his very own.

Yikes. It’s kind of like those kiosks or what have you at theme parks and malls where a person’s image can be put on a magazine cover or “WANTED” poster. Although, from what I can recall, rarely is it advisable in those kind of endeavors to include a “WARNING: MAY INDUCE VOMITING” alert.

Goodness gracious.

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