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Was Bob Costas’ Sochi pink eye caused by a botched Botox procedure?


A source has informed Page Six that the alleged cause of the disturbing pinkeye that (Bubonic) plagued Bob Costas in Sochi during the Winter Olympics and prompted him to be pulled off the air was caused by a botched Botox procedure.

Costas, whose unfortunately timed condition became comedic fodder, missed six days as the prime-time host of NBC’s coverage due to being afflicted with conjunctivitis in both eyes.

Page Six’s source allegedly said that “Bob’s eye infection was due to botched Botox. This isn’t the first time he’s had it.”

When reached for comment, an NBC spokesperson vehemently denied that a Botox procedure gone horribly awry was the source of the pink eye.

“This has zero truth to this. Zero,” the spokesperson insisted.

Botched Botox apparently can cause infections, according to New York plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Warfel. While contracting such an infection due to a Botox procedure is rare, Dr. Warfel said it can occur if contamination occurs or the patient suffers an allergic reaction.

“If the Botox procedure is done properly, the patient shouldn’t get pink eye,” said Dr. Warfel, as quoted in the Page Six column. “It is highly unlikely unless the procedure was unclean, when the patient could contract cellulitis of the eyelid [symptoms include redness and swelling of the eyelid].”

The (alleged) price of vanity, right? Of course, with such a high-profile responsibility as being the face of a network’s prime-time Olympics coverage, it’s hard to blame the 61-year-old Costas for succumbing to the desire to appear younger, although in this instance, the quest for perfection — or the aspiring to such an ideal — came at a truly unfortunate cost. Sure, Costas’ forehead was absent of wrinkles and there did not appear to be any crow’s feet around his eyes, but at what cost? At what cost?

Allegedly, of course.