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Tommy Lasorda had to be walked back to his seat by Chris Paul after timeout huddle invasion


Tommy Lasorda is getting up there in years, 86 of them to be exact. So perhaps the Los Angeles Dodgers legend deserves a free pass after Chris Paul had to escort him back to his courtside seat after Lasorda ambled over to give a motivational speech to the Los Angeles Clippers during a timeout.

The problem was that Lasorda’s rah-rah speech was taking longer than what the NBA allows for timeouts. That left CP3 the job of presumably running some interference and getting Lasorda off the court.

The entire comical scene played out as the Clippers were taking on the Phoenix Suns at US Airways Center, not far from the Dodgers spring training complex in Glendale.

Via Dodger Insider:

Before Tommy Lasorda made his way to his courtside seat, the skipper stopped at the Clippers huddle to give the team an impromptu motivational speech. Tommy is known for his rah-rah style that extends outside of Dodger baseball into business meetings or even everyday interactions with fans. However, this was during a timeout in a professional basketball game.

Not one for brevity, Tommy’s speech lasted a little longer than the timeout would allow. With the game beckoning, Dodger fan and All-Star Chris Paul escorted Tommy to his seat, so that the game could continue.

Sadly, there appears to be no video of the delightfully awkward scene. Drat.

Dodger Insider’s Josh Tucker and Cat Belanger approached Lasorda afterward and asked the old skipper what he said in an effort to inspire the team:

“I just kind of said something to them,” Lasorda related. “I told them I’m proud of them. I said, ‘The second half belongs to us!’ I talked to (Blake) Griffin, I told him he’s a star and he hasn’t scratched the surface yet. People pay a lot of money to see you play, so you better come out and play!”

It must have worked. The Clippers beat the Suns by a score of 104-96.

And if you didn’t know … Lasorda and Chris Paul? They’re tight.

“When he comes to see the Dodgers play, he sits by me,” Lasorda reported. “We’ve become pretty good friends.”

Jeez, this Lasorda guy sure is down with the hip set. He’s so friendly with Justin Timberlake that the pop star/actor wishes him a happy birthday. And then there is how he kicks it with Ice Cube and Danny DeVito at Dodgers games. This guy gets around, man.

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