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Team USA sled hockey goalie Steve Cash gets stuck in bathroom in Sochi (photos)

Just because the Winter Olympics are over does not mean athletes are not still dealing with significant, bathroom-related issues in Sochi. As you know, the Paralympics started shortly after the Closing Ceremonies and it looks like the old #SochiProblems hashtag is still in full effect and use.

Team USA sled hockey goalie Steve Cash, with his cellphone in tow, found himself locked in one of those damnable Sochi bathrooms.

Thankfully, between photos posted to Twitter by Cash himself along with teammate Taylor Lipsett, we have documentary evidence of his “Trapped in the Bathroom” ordeal.

The fellas improvised a bit to provide Cash some breathing room (and possibly to provide him with food should he remain jailed in the bathroom for too long, not to mention providing an awesome image) by perhaps using a wrench to pry off a vent:

Thankfully, it appears that help arrived and the gang didn’t have to go all “Johnny Quinn” on the door. You may recall how the US snowboarder broke through the door to escape the temporary prison of his bathroom … only to be trapped in an elevator later.

#SochiProblems, indeed.

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