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Pregnant New York Knicks fan paints baby bump to look like a basketball (photo/video)


A pregnant New York Knicks fan had cause to celebrate being noticed after being spotted by the MSG Network camera crew during Wednesday night’s game against the Minnesota Timberwolves at Target Center due to her cleverly applied body paint that made her baby bump resemble a basketball.

Not only that, she and the rest of despondent, dejected and depressed Knicks fans also were able to celebrate a rare victory, especially of late.

The Knicks went in to Minneapolis and beat the T’Wolves by a score of 118-106, snapping a soul-sapping seven-game losing streak.

As the woman with child hoisted up her shirt to reveal her basketball baby bump, a gal pal held up a sign indicating that yes, the child is a “Knicks Baby.”

Poor thing. It’s not even born yet and its fate as a basketball fan already has been set.

But all is not lost. Who knows? Maybe by the time this still-to-be-born baby reaches the age of adulthood, the Knicks may be fielding a competitive team not run by a dysfunctional front office. Stranger things have happened. This poor kid knows what I’m talking about.

As an aside, this isn’t the first time a woman with child has painted up her belly to resemble a ball. Last year, a Los Angeles Angels fan had her tummy done up to resemble a baseball. Only in America!

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