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Katherine Webb posts photo of bikini shoot with two other gorgeous models (photo)

You know, I was going to try to be clever with this one, but what’s the point in going through the work. It’s Katherine Webb, the easily more famous half of the high-profile coupling of her and former Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback A.J. McCarron. Also, she’s in a bikini.

And yep, she’s still attractive.

Joining Webb are fellow models Letícia Zuloaga (left) and Miss California 2012 Natalie Pack (middle).

It’s clear that Webb, given her frequency for posting bikini photos to her Instagram account (below), not to mention her hyper-sexualized burger commercial for Hardee’s, is not afraid to show off the body she’s been so breathtakingly blessed with:

But even more importantly, she recognizes the importance of true, natural beauty, the kind that can’t be airbrushed into bikini-wearing glory, as evidenced when she posted a photo of herself sans makeup. That takes courage I’d reckon.

And yep, she’s attractive without makeup as well. Hardly shocking.

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