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Fan drilled in face by puck during Toronto Maple Leafs-New York Rangers game (video)


A night spent attending an NHL hockey game — a New York Rangers-Toronto Maple Leafs game at the legendary Madison Square Garden, for instance — can be ruined in several ways. The team a person is rooting for can put on a horrible performance, for one. A person could be seated by a bunch of inebriated, obnoxious and loudmouth fans, spoiling the outing entirely.

Or a person can get drilled in the face by a puck, as one fan experienced after a puck ricocheted into the seats.

If this were a “Family Feud” question, that last one may rank number one on the list.

To wit, survey says!

BAM! No word as of yet his condition and the extent of his injures, although he did not appear to be seriously hurt. Lucky guy.

To add insult to injury — literally — if this guy was a Rangers fan and showed up to see what kind of positive effect the team’s newest acquisition, Martin St. Louis, would have on the team, he was out of luck on that score, too, as the Rangers lost in overtime to the Toronto Maple Leafs in overtime, 3-2.