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Magic fans boo Dwight Howard, teammate Chandler Parsons says he would have, too (videos)

Dwight Howard returned to his old stomping grounds — that he departed while implementing a metaphorical scorched-earth strategy — on Wednesday night as his Houston Rockets paid visit to Florida to face the Orlando Magic.

As part of the Magic’s 25th anniversary celebration — and something the team has done for previous returning players as part of the observance of the franchise’s inception — a video tribute to Howard was put together and would be shown (above) during a first quarter timeout on the Amway Center scoreboard.

Here’s the response by the Magic faithful in attendance during the video presentation:

And here’s how the fans greeted Howard during player intros:

The boos hardly were surprising, given how Howard arguably spurned the fans who supported him during his tenure with the Magic.

One such fan who was an ardent supporter of Howard when he played for the Magic was Chandler Parsons, who just so happens to be a teammate of Howard on the Rockets.

And guess what? Parsons said that if he had been sitting in the seats on Wednesday instead of playing on the court, he would have booed Howard, too.

Via the Houston Chronicle:

Having spent much of his life attending Magic home games, Rockets forward Chandler Parsons completely understood why fans booed Dwight Howard. Though he had been among those wearing Howard uniforms at Magic games, Parsons said if he were still a kid in the stands, he would have booed, too.

“I’d probably boo him,” said Parsons, whose family purchased season tickets as soon as they went on sale 25 seasons ago. “That’s what makes playing on the road so fun and exciting. You support your home team. Anytime someone leaves a team, you’re going to be upset. Obviously, it’s a business decision. He did what’s best for him. As a fan, you don’t care about anything else besides that he left the Magic. If I were in the stands, I would definitely boo, too.”

Completely fair and totally honest, and Parson can’t be blamed for stating it. It’s not like Howard expected Magic fans to shower him with bouquets of flowers instead of boos. One can’t expect to cross into once-friendly territory if a bridge was burned while leaving it.

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