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Bryce Harper doesn’t need PEDs to look this buff, only Girl Scout cookies, brah (photo)

Bryce Harper arrived at Washington Nationals spring training looking noticeably buffer, especially in the arms, much more muscular than he appeared last season. It did not necessarily come as a surprise to those who followed his offseason activities and apparent workout regimen.

In a January profile on, Harper said he was hoping after getting some rest by taking a month off beforehand to head into spring training “as a big as a house.” Consider it mission accomplished on that score.

“I want to go into spring training about 240, 245,” said Harper, who went about 218 pounds towards the end of the 2013 season. “I’ll lose about 20 pounds during the season.”

As you can see above, Harper’s arms resemble tree trunks, but it is what’s in a hand at the end of one of those burly arms that is attracting attention, albeit attention of a humorous nature.

Yep, Girl Scout Cookies.

Anyone who has ventured out into public of late undoubtedly has seen stands set up where Girl Scouts are marketing their confectionery treats, an annual event that sends any cookie-loving person into a feeding frenzy.

It looks like Harper share’s many folks’ proclivity for the mouth-watering morsels of boxed goodness. They are like his PEDs or something.

But if Harper isn’t too careful, he won’t lose the 20 pounds he envisioned during the season. In fact, too many boxes of those delicious treats will result in him getting as big as a house, albeit not in the way he intends.