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Adrian Peterson tweets Michael Vick ‘would intently make the Vikings a playoff team’


As word spread on Wednesday — although the move was expected — that the Philadelphia Eagles and Michael Vick reportedly would be parting ways after a relatively successful partnership, speculation began to run rampant as to what team may be the best landing spot for the 33-year-old quarterback.

As far as running back Adrian Peterson is concerned, the Minnesota Vikings would be a perfect place for Vick to resurrect his career.

In fact, Peterson believes that Vick would transform the Vikings into a legitimate playoff contender. Although he didn’t put it in exactly those words.

Wait, “intently”? Huh. It appears that Peterson was responding to this tweet from the NFL Network from earlier Wednesday night:

Grammatical gaffe — or whatever it was — aside, it does make some sense.

The Vikings are without a legitimate starting quarterback. With Matt Cassel expected to go elsewhere, perhaps the Houston Texans, Josh Freeman turning out to be an unmitigated disaster, Christian Ponder is the only semi-qualified quarterback on the Vikings roster heading into next season. And that ain’t good.

If the Vikings opted to try and land a quarterback for the future in the 2014 NFL Draft, the fact that the team currently sits with eighth overall pick isn’t helping, given that the top-rated quarterbacks like Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater and Blake Bortles may in fact be off the board before the team picks, leaving the team to either draft a QB too high in the first round or wait and draft a project in the later rounds.

Further, the Vikings have a long and storied history of signing veteran quarterbacks to fill out the position, whether they be retreads that failed miserably (Donovan McNabb, Josh Freeman), shots in the dark that briefly paid off (Brett Favre, Warren Moon) or those that landed somewhere in between (Gus Frerotte, Jeff George, Jim McMahon).

The number of seasons remaining where the Vikings reasonably reasonably can expect Peterson to put up All-Pro numbers and carry the offense are getting fewer and fewer. Vick certainly would fill the void at the position and may even have a few good seasons left in him, a possibility that is further bolstered by the man the team has in place as offensive coordinator, quarterback whisperer and offensive guru Norv Turner.

Whether the team elects to take a flier on Vick or not, the Vikings still would be better served trying to land one of “The Big Three” in the draft, presumably by trading up or hoping one falls to them at No. 8. And if Vick wants to sign on as a mentor and an occasionally-called-upon backup? So much the better.