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Pens’ Robert Bortuzzo, Preds’ Colin Wilson pound each other into a bloody pulp (video/photos)

Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Robert Bortuzzo and Nashville Predators winger Colin Wilson dropped the gloves during the first period of Tuesday night’s tilt between the teams.

And while many now abhor the act of brawling in the NHL game nowadays, this savage display of on-ice ultraviolence hearkens back to the days of old, when fighting was often a blood-spattered demonstration of gladiators on skates, not the present day version of tousling and tugging and haymakers landing on enemy combatant’s helmets. Clean punches clearly were landed during this brouhaha.

The most amazing aspect of the fight is that the video in and of itself doesn’t tell the tale. Check out the amount of blood on their faces documented in an up-close photo of the brawl.




Seriously, this one got pretty messy. The referees would have been well-advised to throw on a poncho before separating these two blood-soaked pugilists. Or even better, a Hazmat suit. There as a lot of gore in this one.

(images via the New York Daily News]