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Disgruntled New York Knicks fans organizing protest outside of Madison Square Garden


Hell no we won’t go! Hell no we won’t go! As the New York Knicks prepare to take the court to face the Indiana Pacers inside the hallowed confines of Madison Square Garden on March 19, a planned protest by disgruntled fans outside the legendary arena will attempt to let the team’s brass know that they are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore.

The organizers of the “KF4L Rally,” Michael Brown, Anthony Samaroo and Mark Griffin, are trying to utilize social media to mobilize unhappy fans in an effort to convince them congregate outside MSG and let their collective voice be heard.

A statement issued on the movement’s Facebook page provides the following reasons why the rally has become the only viable option for Knicks fans forced to suffer through the ineptitude the permeates the once-proud franchise:

KF4L Rally Fan Discontent:

1) Dolan’s failure to allow knowledgeable basketball people the autonomy/power to make basketball related decisions. (Pat Riley, Jeff Van Gundy, Donnie Walsh) His insistence on overriding the opinions of his basketball people by bidding against himself in negotiations and overpaying in trades. The rehiring of Steve Mills who has never been in the GM role before and presided over one of the most embarrassing eras in Knick history.

2) The MSG Media Policy. Steve Mills has yet to speak to the media or fans about the state of the team since he came back. The fans deserve explanations and the media deserve to do their job in order to keep fans informed. The media policy creates an atmosphere in which competent GMs and coaches do not want to work in.

3) The infiltration of CAA. Fans are uneasy of the abnormal influence CAA wields in the Knick organization. From a coach switching agents in order to sign a deal, to the team dealing a first rd pick for an oft injured forward repped by that same agency, to seemingly shady back room deals that allow Chris Smith to get signed to a fully guaranteed NBA contract.

We understand Dolan will not sell. We understand change may not come of this. We just want our voices heard. We want to remind Dolan and the NBA that our voices matter. We buy the tickets, the jerseys, the NBA League Pass subscriptions. We are frustrated. We are tired. We deserve better.

A season that opened with the belief that the Knicks could be a force in the Eastern Conference, despite Carmelo Anthony’s assertion that he intended to test free agency after the season, became quickly derailed by losing, which prompted Knicks owner James Dolan to rail against the Knicks City Dancers, of all people.

Things continued to spiral as the season progressed, and save for a decent January, head coach Mike Woodson and the team’s contingent of talented players were unable to put together solid basketball for any extended period of time.

Things are in complete and utter disarray now, as the Knicks have dropped seven straight games and there are no signs the team will be able to put together a torrid run to make a arguably too late attempt at re-entering a chase for a postseason berth.

With that in mind, the rally couldn’t have come at a better time. One is left to wonder, though, is how upset are most Knicks fans? Are they so frustrated they are willing to take part in a protest? Or have things been so underwhelming for so long that a pervasive sense of apathy has become entrenched in the team’s fan base and that most of them simply just don’t care anymore? Further, will anyone who can do anything about it step forward and help assuage fans’ concerns about the future of the team and somehow convince them that things will get better?

I guess we’ll find out on March 19. I only hope someone makes sure this poor kid makes it to the rally.

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