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‘Joe Maddon is Odd’ roundup: Does Iverson’s ‘Practice’ speech, brings bread maker to camp (vid/pic)

There’s a good chance there has ever been a cooler, odder, quirky and more eccentric and interesting manager in the history of Major League Baseball than Tampa Bay Rays skipper Joe Maddon (see here).

In what should be a continuing series throughout the season here at the Sportress of Blogitude, let’s check in and see what Maddon has been up to at spring training of late.

Well, for one things, he busted out his rendition of Allen Iverson’s infamous “Talking about Practice” speech after allowing the team to skip batting practice (above).

While that satisfies the “cooler” component of what makes Maddon so great, here’s the “odder, quirky and more eccentric” part of the equation: He brought a bread maker to spring training.

He’s right. As a bread maker myself — utilizing the fancy bread machine as well as old school methods, both with varying degrees of success, I have to concur: Aroma does in fact matter.

Joe Maddon: Shine on you crazy diamond.

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