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Red Wings’ Daniel Alfredsson gets some teeth knocked out, calmly picks them up off ice (video)

Nothing to see here, just Detroit Red Wings veteran Daniel Alfredsson calmly and casually picking up some teeth off the ice after having them knocked out when a stick blade slammed into his mouth.

During Detroit’s game against the New Jersey Devils on Tuesday, both Alfredsson and the Devils’ Andrei Loktionov were bearing down on the endboards behind the Red Wings’ net. As the two jockeyed for position, Loktionov’s stick went up high and caught Alfredsson square in the mouth.

After a brief moment where he clutched at his mouth, appearing a bit dazed but remaining calm, Alfredsson, as if it were an everyday occurrence, stooped down and picked up his mouth chiclets off the ice. No biggie.

If there is one thing that serves as a stark reminder of just how much tougher hockey players seem to be when compared to their other professional sport-playing contemporaries, it’s how it seems that hockey players seem  to routinely shrug off painful injuries with relative frequency. No matter what happens on the ice, as soon as humanly possible, whether it be some stitches or in the above case, casually picking up teeth off the ice, players will and often do just trudge along, as if nothing happened. Imagine an NBA player doing that.

Still, Alfredsson apparently does have an appointment with a dentist planned to deal with the aftermath of the incident.

Not sure why he should even bother. Those teeth probably will just get knocked out again sooner or later.

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