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Either Peyton Manning has grown a goatee or his unknown evil twin brother is on the loose (photo)


Usually, Peyton Manning attending some random black tie charity event during some random weekend during the offseason would generate little buzz, but when the Denver Broncos quarterback shows up at said gala rocking a goatee? Well, things get a little bit more interesting.

The event apparently was the NFL 101 Awards and the photo above is from the daughter of the woman posing with Manning, who tweeted, “my mom leaves us home alone with netflix while she’s out dining with Peyton Manning.. I see how it is..”

But is that really Peyton Manning, or his unknown evil twin brother? As we all know, all it takes to differentiate between the kinder twin and an evil twin is the presence of a nefarious goatee.

Now that would be something, wouldn’t it? Peyton Manning having an evil twin? As if being Cooper Manning wasn’t hard enough, now he has to compete with the evil twin of one of his superstar brothers that somehow escaped out of the cellar of Papa Archie’s home? Rough stuff.

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