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Disappointed young New York Knicks fan shakes head in disgust as team loses again (video)

The season that the New York Knicks have meandered and muddled through has been a total and abject failure. And that’s putting it nicely (a quick perusal of the recent Knicks archives on this here site provides abundant testimony to that fact).

Despite some pretty good stretches of ball during the month of January (that also had a five-game losing streak smack dab in the middle of it), the Knicks have floundered, failed, fought and essentially fouled up a season that held some semblance of promise.

The team dropped its seventh straight game on Monday, a 96-85 loss to the Detroit Pistons, dropping the team to 21-40, six-and-a-half games out of the last playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. Not good.

A young Knicks fans who showed up at The Palace of Auburn Hills to watch his favorite squad expected — perhaps erroneously — a better performance. It didn’t happen. And he wasn’t happy, as evidenced by the look of disgust on his face towards the end of the game.

Ouch. Knicks fans the world over feel your pain, kid. That’s probably not going to provide the lad much consolation, but it’s true.

[H/T Beyond the Buzzer]