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Dallas Cowboys reportedly restructure Tony Romo’s contract to free up salary cap space


In an effort to get under the NFL salary cap, the Dallas Cowboys have restructured the deal quarterback Tony Romo signed with the team last year, says a source according to an report.

Romo is not expected to experience any issues next season following surgery late last year to help deal with a herniated disk in his back.

The restructuring of Romo’s deal, which freed up an estimated $10 million in cap space, gets the Cowboys about $1 million away from getting under the salary cap. The Cowboys reportedly accomplished this by converting $12.5 million of Romo’s $13.5 million base salary into a signing bonus, meaning the quarterback’s cap figure drops from $21.773 million to $11.773 million.

The terms of the original deal, which the Cowboys and Romo agreed to last March, was a six-year, $108 million extension that included $55 million in guarantees and a $25 million signing bonus, according to an report at the time.

The Cowboys are also busy restructuring the contracts of linebacker Sean Lee and cornerback Orlando Scandrick, freeing up additional cap space for the team, in deals expected to be announced on Tuesday.

Questions remain for the Cowboys over what the team will do about DeMarcus Ware and Miles Austin and executive vice president Stephen Jones added at the scouting combine that the Cowboys, 8-8 last season, intend to be “efficient” spenders in free agency.

So much to do, so little time. Especially with Jerry Jones just waiting to do something impulsive and potentially hazardous with the team and its roster.