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He did it like this, he did it like that: Richie Incognito apparently bullying his own Ferrari (photo)


He did it like this, he did it like that, he did it with a wiffle ball baseball bat.

News surfaced on Wednesday courtesy of TMZ about the troubling tale regarding how renowned (alleged) ham-fisted, knuckle-dragging bully Richie Incognito apparently had his fancy Ferrari vandalized by some cretinous hooligan or hooligans.

According to yet another report from the intrepid TMZ folks, it turns out that, yeah, police believe Incongnito was the bat-wielding maniac.

Scottsdale police have indicated that they have spoken to Incognito and during the conversation, he admitted he was responsible for the damage.

Incognito angry. Incognito smash. Apparently.  Anger issues much?

And yes, a timely Beastie Boys reference always is a good thing.