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Paulina Gretzky: Still attractive, still dresses provocatively (photo)

If you’re anything like me, you have spent a moment or two since we last paid attention to Paulina Gretzky wondering,”What’s she up to? Is she still attractive? Is she still rocking glamorously sexy attire and posting photos of herself rocking said glamorously sexy attire to her Instagram account?”

The answer is: Yes. Yes she is.

Here’s the utterly gorgeous Gretzky modeling the epitome of what is commonly referred to as a “little black dress” while hanging out with, as she puts it, “My newly single BFF” Kristina Melnichenko. She’s Eastern European. Ukrainian to be exact. She’s pretty, too.

So, to summarize: Paulina Gretzky is still attractive and her BFF is newly single. Maybe you can’t land Paulina, gents (she is betrothed, set to marry PGA Tour star Dustin Johnson, after all), but her gal pal is available. Good luck!

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