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Pee Party: Texas Rangers get official team photos taken next to a row of urinals (photo)

No, that’s a joke. No pee party actually was held when the Texas Rangers opted to have the official team photos taken in the men’s room, presumably at the team’s spring training facility. Why, exactly? Who knows? Maybe the lighting was good in there or something.

The only awkward part was when a teammate would saunter in, grab a stall and proceed to pinch off a loaf. You try smiling while inhaling noxious fumes from a teammate’s bowel movements. Odds are the photo would turn out a lot like Houston Astros bench coach’s Craig Bjornson’s did. Which ain’t good.

Either way, the bizarre locale resulted in some interesting photos of the shoot (courtesy of the Sports Illustrated Instagram account):

Weird stuff, man. Although not that uncommon, either, from what I understand. Which isn’t much, to be honest.

Alternatively, the Los Angeles Angels elected to do their shoot in the shower.

Very clean shoot, I heard.

[H/T Extra Mustard]