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Pete Holmes gets ‘In the Ring with Ronda Rousey’ for hilarious and awkward interview (video)

Pete Holmes is carving out a nice little niche with his self-titled “The Pete Holmes Show” on TBS that follows “Conan” on weeknights. Of particular enjoyment have been his interviews with athletes. Holmes somehow manages to get athletes to come out of their shells a bit (see James Harden and Lolo Jones) and his interview with UFC women’s bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey was no different.

Fresh off her TKO victory over Sara McMann at UFC 170 on Saturday, Rousey joined Holmes in the ring and hilarity ensued.

The segment was rife with witty banter — topics such as her pre-fight rituals, boob punches as opposed to crotch shots and her sex life (Holmes fared better than an idiot fan did awhile back) were covered, but Holmes nailed it when, while complimenting Rousey on her good looks, admits, “I can’t decide what intimidates me more about you. Your good looks or the fact that I know you could pull off my balls like a paper cup dispenser.”

Indeed. Highly graphic and incredibly accurate. Holmes also gets an up-close look at some of Rousey’s MMA skills. Yep, he’s tossed around by Rousey like a rag doll, but in a playful, non-life-threatening way. Lucky guy.