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Ron Jaworski says Johnny Manziel ‘won’t last three games’ in NFL with playing style


NFL quarterback guru and ESPN analyst wonk Ron Jaworski did a fantastic job of getting his name bandied about on the Internet and elsewhere by being a contrarian and taking the firm stance that Johnny Manziel should not be taken in the 2014 NFL Draft until after the first three rounds at least.

A provocative statement from Jaws to be sure. Whether one chooses to agree with his assessment of Manziel is another thing entirely.

Jaworski attempted to bolster his position during an appearance on Sirius XM NFL Radio on Wednesday by arguing that Manziel’s aggressive run-first, scrambling approach to the quarterback position will not translate well to the National Football League.

“He’s a random quarterback that likes to get out of the pocket and make plays with his legs,” Jaworski said, as quoted by Pro Football Talk. “In the NFL, he won’t last three games playing that style. He’ll get hurt. He took a lot of vicious hits at A&M in two years, and those hits that have that cumulative effect will knock him out of games in the NFL.”

A fair and reasonable position to take, but one has to wonder if Jaws said the exact same thing about, say, Robert Griffin III or the litany of running quarterbacks playing in the NFL at the moment. Granted, most of those quarterbacks who possess the ability to hurt defenses as much with their legs as they can with their arms –save for RG3, of course — were not being considered as top-tier, high first-round draft picks (Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson) to name a few.

Jaworski added in the interview that he believes Manziel doesn’t read through his progressions well, has inconsistent mechanics, is careless with the ball and that NFL coaches will be unable to break him of his escape-the-pocket mentality.

So, in summary: Jaworski doesn’t look as fondly upon Johnny Manziel, as say, everybody else. He’s entitled to his opinion, of course, but even Barry Switzer, who referred to Manziel as a “prick” nevertheless recognizes the tremendous upside of the über-talented young man.

How it shakes out is anyone’s guess, but I’d hate to be the team who passes on him should he be able to translate his big-time, gunslinger-esque playing style to the NFL. Fritos, Doritos, yadda yadda yadda, that whole song and dance.