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Diminutive Nuggets guard Nate Robinson takes on Taco Bell’s XXL Steak Crispy Taco (video)

Taco Bell secured the services of Denver Nuggets point guard Nate Robinson to promote its latest addition to its taco pantheon: The XXL Steak Crispy Taco.

Double the size, twice the crippling stomach cramps. I kid! I love Taco Bell (call me, guys!).

You see, Nate Robinson is a smaller NBA player, measuring in at 5-foot-9 (and that’s soaking wet — wait…what?) so the juxtaposition between him and the ginormous taco is significantly larger than if it were being held by a one of his taller NBA colleagues.

This is the exact opposite approach to the “NBA player pimping Taco Bell” game than the fast food giant used to promote its XXL Steak Nachos platter in a commercial starring Minnesota Timberwolves star Kevin Love.

Imagine if Taco Bell could somehow land Yao Ming to endorse their products. That would be something. You know, because he’s really tall and stuff.

Oh, and just a reminder, it’s only 28 days until Taco Bell starts serving breakfast. Make adjustments to your life, diet and color of underwear as needed in advance.

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