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LeBron James gets every one of his Miami Heat teammates WWE championship belts (photo)

OOH OH YEAH! In some kind of sports entertainment-related bid at creating team solidarity — something necessary for a team riding back-to-back NBA titles, apparently  — LeBron James has presented each and every one of his Miami Heat teammates a WWE championship belt.

He writes: “Always wanted to be the WWE Heavyweight World Champion so today I surprised my teammates with their own for their collection. And by the way it’s a Great time to be a @WWE fan with the launch of #WWENetwork #LoveMyTeammates #WWEStandOutAsAKid #StriveForGreatness”

So, LeBron is pimping for the WWE Network now? Or is he really that big of a WWE fan?

All signs point to the latter. You may recall how LeBron pondered on Twitter back in December what it was going to take to get one of his own WWE title belts.

Of course, when LeBron talks, people listen. Or in this case, at least Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson was paying attention to James’ Twitter musings, as he presented King James with a title belt of his very own.

James thanked The Rock by writing: “Special thanks to @therock for making my childhood dream come true! U have no idea how many couches and old mattresses I jumped off thinking I was one of y’all! U, Ultimate Warrior, Sting, Legion of Doom, Goldberg and The Undertaker I could watch all day plus many more! I feel like a little kid again. Thanks again Champ! #CanUSmell #StriveForGreatness”

Oh yeah, LeBron can bust out some semi-old school wrestling references. But he ain’t old like me, so he can’t bust out a timely WWF name like Big John Studd, Junkyard Dog, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, Brutus Beefcake, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat reference toot sweet like I can.

Or how about we go even older, a la AWA? Jerry Blackwell, Baron Von Raschke, Greg Gagne, Mad Dog Vachon Nick Bockwinkle or Dick the Bruiser?

Yeah, I’m super old and stuff.