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Pacers resident photobomber Lance Stephenson dumps water bottle on teammate (video)


Indiana Pacers guard Lance Stephenson quickly is establishing himself as one of the NBA’s best videobomber/photobombers. Sure, he doesn’t rival Chris Bosh just yet, but if he keeps these antics up, he’ll someday be in the upper echelon of league bombers.

Stephenson incorporated some prop comedy when videobombing his latest victim, Ian Mahinmi.

The Pacers center was being interviewed by Fox Sports Indiana’s Brooke Olzendam after Indiana’s 118-98 win over the Los Angeles Lakers when Stephenson crept up and proceeded to dump a water bottle on Mahinmi’s head.

The best part has to be the nifty little shimmy-jig Stephenson performs after his videobombing conquest (via For the Win):


Gold. Even Stephenson himself appeared quite pleased with his masterful videobombing work:

As the Indy Star notes, Stephenson is becoming quite adept at the video/photobomb game, as evidenced by the following chronicling of his body of recent work:

Look out, Chris Bosh: Lance Stephenson is gunning for you.