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Marlins pitcher Henderson Alvarez had an ingrown hair, it turned into a shin infection


Another day (or hour or two it seems — scar tissue in a player’s urethra? You betcha!), another bizarre malady suffered by a major league baseball player. Next up is Miami Marlins pitcher Henderson Alvarez, who reportedly will miss his first spring training start due to complications related to an infection on his right shin.

The fact that a shin infection has derailed Alvarez’s spring training isn’t even the craziest part of the story. That would be the cause of the infection on his shin, one so severe he had to be hospitalized in order to have it drained after treatments failed to clear it up: Marlins skipper Mike Redmond said that it may have been caused by an ingrown hair.

Major league ballplayers: Sufferers of the wackiest injuries/maladies of any group of professional athletes!

“I think it started as an ingrown hair and got infected,” Redmond explained to the Miami Herald. “We were treating it, the infection. It just wasn’t getting better. We wanted to be proactive and make sure it was getting taken care of. We got in there, got it cleaned out.”

Alvarez, who had a pitching performance for the ages when he threw a no-hitter to close out Miami’s regular season last year (which the Marlins managed to screw up in an attempt to commemorate it), has pitched live batting practice and performed well during a brief stint in the Venezuelan Winter League during the offseason. Because of this, Redmond insists he’s not overly unconcerned and assumes Alvarez will be just fine sooner rather than later.

“It shouldn’t affect him,” Redmond said. “He obviously won’t make the start on Sunday, but he’s pitched quite a bit. It shouldn’t affect him and his ability to bounce back. He still has plenty of time to get his pitches in and get him ramped up for Opening Day.”

That is true. But what happens if some other boffo thing happens to Alvarez? The world is a dangerous place. There’s no telling what could happen. Toenail-trimming mishap? Sure. A slip in the shower? Why not? How about a sweet potato-related injury? But of course! It’s happened before, why not again?

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