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DeMarcus Cousins loses frigging mind after ticky-tack foul call, gets ejected, apologizes on Twitter (video)

Sometimes, DeMarcus Cousins cannot get out of his own way. The Sacramento Kings big man has all the talent in the world, but his on-court — and sometimes off-court — antics, while colorful, often cross the line and prevent him from taking that next step to becoming a well-respected NBA superstar.

During the third quarter of Sacremento’s 129-103 loss to the Houston Rockets on Tuesday night, Cousins’ dark side was in full view. After being called for a foul — to be fair to Cousins, it was a ticky-tack one at best, ridiculous at worst — on Dwight Howard, things began to simmer.

As Kings head coach Mike Malone attempted to go to bat for his center, Cousins approached the on-court discussion and proceeded to lose his mind.

Cousins had to be restrained and during the incident, was T’d up twice and ultimately ejected from the game.

“He lost his composure, that’s all I saw, and then he got thrown out of the game. It’s disappointing. But to be honest, I’m more disappointed about how we played,” Kings coach Michael Malone said, according to an report. “Do I condone his actions? No, not at all. Does he have to handle himself better? Sure he does. We just need to get him to understand that we don’t need him to get kicked out of the ball game.”

Cousins took to Twitter to apologize for his behavior after the game.

The technical fouls were the 14th and 15th of the season for Cousins, one shy of an automatic suspension. Cousins leads the NBA in technical fouls. It will be interesting to see how the league handles the incident. Of course, Cousins will be fined, but the way he conducted himself while screaming at the officials could warrant a suspension being imposed as well.