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Pervs: Blake Bortles says NFL teams asked about smokeshow girlfriend Lindsey Duke (video)


Former Central Florida Knights standout quarterback and presumed high first-round pick Blake Bortles revealed on “The Dan Patrick Show” on Wednesday that NFL teams actually have made inquiries about his smokeshow girlfriend Lindsey Duke.

“If we come to town, will she be there for dinner and stuff like that,” Bortles told Patrick.

When asked by Patrick if the team’s had done their homework on Duke, who is a celebrity in her own right, Bortles said: “They knew going into the meeting. I think that was kinda the angle, how I would react to it.”

Fair enough. That’s a politically correct and diplomatic way of interpreting why teams were asking about Duke, so kudos to Bortles for claiming to interpret it that way, but methinks there may have been more self-serving, lecherous and arguably perverted reasons behind posing the Duke-related questions…

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Yeah, what a bunch of pervs.