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8-year-old Islanders fan pens heartwarming and inspirational letter to John Tavares (photo)


A very young New York Islanders fan — “long-suffering” could be used as that is often the condition of Islanders fans, but hey, she’s only 8 — wrote a touching letter to team superstar John Tavares, wishing him well and hoping he gets better soon after suffering an injury while representing Canada in the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Tavares suffered a torn medial collateral ligament and meniscus tear in his left knee during Canada’s quarterfinal game against Latvia. He was placed on injured reserve by the team on Monday, per an report.

As you can see above, one Ashely Diffendale, a big fan who will be 9 in April (as the correspondence notes), hopes for nothing but the best for Tavares and articulates it adorably as only an an eight-year-old can.

Not only did Tavares receive words of encouragement from a young fan, a ray of light did shine on his situation on Tuesday, albeit not an overly warm one, as he told the media that since he did not suffer a fully torn MCL, he would not require surgery, only rehab.

Tavares insists that despite the bad luck, he would be honored to represent Canada in the Olympics again if called upon to do so.

“For me as a player, I think it’s important for us to play. I think you saw how much we love representing our countries, especially at that level,” Tavares said, via Eye on Hockey. “But put yourself in his shoes and you can understand why teams are concerned about their players and injuries. Certainly I know he cares a lot about the Islanders and the organization and so do I.

“There’s always that concern with this game, there’s always that risk when you step on the ice of possible injuries. It’s obviously a tough situation but I certainly love playing for my country, and if I got the call again I would.”

Despite the encouraging news about not needing surgery, Tavares nevertheless will miss the remainder of the season. But every little thing helps. And a sweet letter from a young fan can’t hurt, either.

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