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Well, duh: At combine, Rex Ryan, Rob Ryan pay visit to Indianapolis-area Hooters (photo)


Brothers Rex Ryan and Rob Ryan both are in Indianapolis to take in the NFL Scouting Combine for their respective teams, the New York Jets and New Orleans Saints. The Ryan boys felt some hunger pangs and decided to go out and grab a bite to eat. Of course, the dynamic duo went to a Hooters. Wings, brewskis, babes, what more could a feller like a Ryan brother ask for?

And where else were they going to go? Chuck E. Cheese’s?

Actually, the thought of Rex and Rob Ryan horsing around in the Chuck E. Cheese’s arcade is an interesting one. You just know one of them would cause a kid or three to go running to their mommy, right?

Just because this photo isn’t as awesome as this one of the Ryan bros, that doesn’t mean it still isn’t amusing.

[H/T Deadspin, image via @HootersIndy]