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Fans storm the court after unranked North Carolina Tar Heels upset No. 5 Duke Blue Devils (pics/vid)

The North Carolina Tar Heels upended and upset the Duke Blue Devils on Thursday night at  the Dean E. Smith Center in Chapel Hill and the fans in attendance seized the opportunity and relished the victory by storming the court.

The Tar Heels currently are unranked and the Blue Devils are ranked fifth in the nation, but these are the North Carolina Tar Heels, five-time NCAA champions and winners of eight consecutive games, not some podunk men’s college basketball program from East Bumbleturd, North Carolina.

This distinction — whether fair or not — elicited an outpouring of both criticism and defense of the fans on social media (see here). The media got in on it, too. Well, Dick Vitale did, the biggest Duke bobo in all the land.

”I’m really surprised they are rushing the court,” said Vitale. “This is North Carolina.”

Vitale has a point … baby! But these are mostly college kids, after all. Let them have their fun and enjoy the experience. And enjoy it they did.

After rushing the court, the celebration spilled out into the streets.

What a mad scene. Good for the kids. Live it up while you can before the real world gets its sobering clutches on you and you’re unemployed, up to your eyeballs in student loan debt and back living in your old room at your parents’ house.

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