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Johnny Manziel: Tom Brady jokingly asked me to teach him how to run


Johnny Manziel arguably was the post popular player at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis on Friday. Report after report after report has been surfacing all day about what Johnny Football said, how Johnny Football conducted himself, how Johnny Football looked. Crap, I wouldn’t be surprised if some reports about how Johnny Football pooped if it so happened that nature made its call and there was a reporter intrepid — and desperate — enough to follow the quarterback into the bathroom and peer over into the stall to report how his extremely large hands affected how well he could wipe.

On Thursday, word got out that Manziel sought out Tom Brady for advice on how to best approach and handle the combine.

Manziel said on Friday that things were pretty chill between him and the New England Patriots quarterback. So much so, in fact, that Brady even felt comfortable enough to crack jokes at his own expense.

“If I teach him to run like I can, he’ll do anything in the world for me,” Manziel said when discussing the substance of  the exchanges between the two QBs, according to an ESPN report. “It was pretty funny coming from him.”

To be fair, even if running the way in which Manziel does it could be taught, odds are no matter how good of a pupil Brady was or how astute a teacher Manziel could be, it wouldn’t have helped. Brady runs like he’s trying to get out of puddle filled with molasses in January.

All kidding aside, Manziel seemed extremely grateful that Brady was willing to take the time to tutor him and offer some guidance.

“For him to reach back out to me after I sent a text message to him was extremely cool,” Manziel said of their chats. “[It was] kind of a really funny conversation at first, [then we] worked our way into a more serious conversation.

“But it was really nice,” he added. “I’m very thankful for him to be able to extend a hand out to me in the situation that I’m in.”

Seems like these two fellas are bosom buddies now. A somewhat surprising development since Brady, when indirectly discussing Manziel’s sometimes bad boy on-field behavior, said, ‘If you’re a turd, it’s going to come back to you.’”

But that’s in the past. Now, the two apparently are tight. And that may be the case from here on out … except for when the Patriots play the team who drafts Manziel.