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Johnny Manziel may measure in at under six feet tall, but his hands are ginormous (photo)


Johnny Manziel began the process of being measured, poked, prodded and examined on Friday morning at the NFL Scouting Combine. Manziel previously guaranteed that he would measure in at an even six feet — “72 inches on the dot,” he said, but according to the measurements at the combine, Manziel came in just a shade under that height, measuring in at 5-foot-11 3/4. He weighed in at 207 pounds.

But his hands? His hands are friggin’ huge. And you know what they say about football players at the combine with absurdly large hands …

No, seriously. Tell me. What do they say about football players at the combine with absurdly large hands?

Anyway, Manziel’s hands measured in at an astounding 9 7/8 inches, larger than his much taller and heavier quarterbacking counterparts Teddy Bridgewater (6’2 1/8″, 214 pounds with 9 1/4 inch hands) and Blake Bortles 6’5″, 232 pounds with 9 3/8 hands), according to a tweet from Adam Schefter.

A tweet from CBS Sports’ Bruce Feldman adequately illustrates the disproportional size of Manziel’s hands.

In the end, hopefully Tom Brady’s sage advice to Manziel is helping the young quarterback deal with the annoying rigors of the combine. In the end, his large hands and the control of the football they provide will counteract and nullify any concerns about his height, and the less-than-six-feet measurement unlikely will have any effect on where he’s drafted. And if it does? Those teams will rue the day and regret the decision, as Manziel will remember it for his entire career and have a big impact on the chip he already has on his shoulder. We’re talking a Frito turning into a Dorito kind of thing here, whatever that means.

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