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CC Sabathia looks like an evil gypsy gave him the ‘Thinner’ curse (pic)

Photos of New York Yankees previously portly pitcher C.C. Sabathia appearing noticeably slimmer began to surface on the interwebs in late January, launching a lot of discussion about how much better, healthier and more fit he looks.

On Thursday, Sabathia was photographed donning the Yankee pinstripes and whether he’s lost more weight or the slimming qualities of the aforementioned pinstripes (a beefier Sabathia once made a joke at his own expense about the pinstripes in a “SportsCenter” commercial), he looked really, really slimmed down. As in he may have been victimized by some ancient gypsy who gave him the “Thinner” curse from the Stephen King (as Richard Bachman) novel of the same name.

Given that roving bands of gypsies with mystical powers aren’t commonly seen or heard from these days, it’s more likely that Sabathia stuck to a strict diet and workout regimen during the offseason and that’s why he’s so much thinner.

But if we find out that Sabatahia was involved in some kind of fatal traffic accident involving a gypsy or that his personal trainer’s name is Taduz Lemke, well, be afraid for CC. Be very afraid. Because that’s the plot of the novel and Taduz Lemke is the name of the curse-giving gypsy. Geez, you people really should read more books.