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That’s gotta hurt: Rory McIlroy’s errant shot sends fan into jumping cholla cactus (video)


Rory McIlroy found himself in a heap of trouble during his first match at the Accenture Match Play Championship against Boo Weekley on Wednesday, but the end result of his predicament had far more dire, far more painful consequences for one extremely unlucky fan.

McIlroy found his ball leaning up against the rock on the par-4 15th hole. Rory gave a valiant effort when attempting to get his ball out of the unfortunate lie, but something went wrong.

While it is unclear from the video whether or not Rory’s ball hit the fan or he simply was diving out of the way, the results were indisputable: The man ended up covered in barbed spiny hunks — or whatever they’re called — from a jumping cholla cactus. Ouch.

Hopefully, Rory did something very, very nice to make up for the very, very presumably painful results of his errant shot.