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Fan in P.K. Subban jersey does the blackface thing because he’s a cretinous idiot (photo)


Sigh. A presumed fan of Team Canada showed up to the team’s quarterfinal game against Latvia in Sochi on Wednesday rocking a P.K. Subban jersey. In a despicable display, said fan apparently — and shamefully erroneously — believed that a proper way to pay tribute to the Montreal Canadiens defenseman was to do the blackface thing.

Sigh. Again.

What kind of knuckle-dragging, ham-fisted cretin, in this day and age (let alone each and every previous age), possibly can believe this is acceptable?

Oh yeah. This guy. What a moron. Sad. So, so sad.

QMI Agency photographer Ben Pelosse took the below photograph, ensuring that this guy’s ignorance and buffoonery is preserved for perpetuity.


Even sadder is the fact this isn’t the first time Subban, a Canadian citizen of Caribbean descent, has been the victim of such an ignorantly offensive demonstration of overt racism. When Subban was a rookie with the Hamilton Bulldogs in 2010, two equally idiotic Habs fans also took the shameful blackface route.

What is wrong with people?

Oh yeah. Lots of stuff.

[H/T Eh Game/Toronto Sun, top image via @BenRothenberg]