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LeBron James bought his mom a Porsche for her birthday (photo)

LeBron James has been a busy beaver on Instagram of late. On Wednesday, he posted a portion of a quote he provided to GQ in which he “thanks” his absentee father for being a deadbeat dad. On Thursday, James took to social media to showcase how he now is in the running for “Son of the Year” after he purchased his mother Gloria a brand new Porsche. The model appears to be a Panamera. But in the end a Porsche is a Porsche is a Porsche in most respects, right?

He writes, with his trademark excessive hashtagging: “Momma received her surprise b-day gift today. Enjoy and love you momma! Trying to figure out how to give u the world but in the mean time enjoy your new toy! #ProudSon #SheGoneStuntOnMeNow #StriveForGreatness”

A helluva gift, indeed.

Sure, LeBron has the money, resources and whatnot with which he’s easily capable of buying his mom a fleet of Porsches, not just one. But the bow really ties everything together and puts the gift over the top. I mean, you’ve seen those Lexus commercials during the holidays, right?