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Justin Verlander rolling in Ferrari after cruising around in Lamborghini on Wednesday (photo)

On Wednesday, the case was made in a previous post that Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander is living quite the charmed life. The fact alone that he is dating Kate Upton is reason enough, but add to that the millions of dollars, fame, success and all the associated benefits included due those qualities and it’s an indisputable fact that it’s good to be Justin Verlander.

Verlander, clearly an admirer of objects that possess great beauty (*cough* Kate Upton *cough), is celebrating is 31st birthday on Thursday. An avid car nut with a rapidly growing collection, decided the only proper way to enjoy the big day was to show up in a sweet ride.

The pitcher rolled into the Tigers’ spring training facility in an orange Lamborghini on Wednesday. Thursday? A yellow Ferrari.

Must be rough. Happy Birthday, indeed.

[H/T It’s Always Sunny in Detroit]