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Hodor … Hodor: ‘Game of Thrones’ actors take in Toronto Raptors game (photo)


Actors Kristian Nairn and Isaac Hempstead-Wright, who portray the characters Hodor and Bran Star, respectively, on “Game of Thrones,” recently took in a Toronto Raptors game. No word on whether or not Hempstead-Wright rode on Nairn’s back to their courtside seats. Zing!

According to a reddit thread, the photo was taken during Wednesday night’s game against the Chicago Bulls at the Air Canada Centre. Apparently, the two were interviewed during the game’s broadcast and Narin said this was the first basketball game he has ever attended.

Cool. Also: Hodor.



You guys know what I’m talking about … you get it.

Proving that a random reddit user is far more witty than I, here’s what “monkeyvselephant” offered up: “Thank god they weren’t playing OKC, he’d be screaming and freaking out.”

Ha. Solid.


(Season 4 of GoT premieres on HBO on April 6)

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