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Dwight Howard’s eventful return to L.A. featured boos, mockery, comeuppance (videos)

Wednesday marked yet another night in Dwight Howard’s career in which he returned to an NBA city that he had spurned. Previously, boos have rained down upon him in his returns to Orlando to play the Magic and the Houston Rockets center made his first and eventful return to Los Angeles to play the Lakers for the first time since he skipped town to sign with Houston.

The fans? They booed, chanted and tried to make Howard’s visit to La La Land very uncomfortable.

Too bad for those vitriolic fans that the red-hot Rockets came into town and stomped the hometown team, winning 134-108. Howard finished with 20 points, 13 rebounds and 3 blocks in the win.

But the Lakers fans certainly did their best from the get-go. First, they lustily booed Howard during pregame warmups.

At halftime, Howard was left hanging by a Lakers fan as he left the court and made his way to the locker room.

Later, the Staples Center faithful — and dejected — rained “Howard Sucks” chants down upon the center. Howard happily participated.

After the game and a victory in the books — the Rockets’ eighth consecutive win — the Rockets joyfully mocked and ridiculed Lakers fans’ efforts to make Howard’s night miserable by mocking the “Howard Sucks” chant on the team’s plane.

All in all, it sure looks like Howard got the last laugh on Wednesday. And given the condition and current status of the two NBA teams, it certainly appears that Howard will be afforded the opportunity to laugh for a long time to come.

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