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Bryce Harper rocks ‘PED FREE’ shirt in clubhouse, unfortunate headband (photo)


Washington Nationals slugger Bryce Harper let his shirt do the talking at the team’s spring training facility on Wednesday. In a tweet by Rawlings that Harper re-posted where fans are asked to pick out which glove he should wear on Opening Day, Harper was rocking a shirt that proudly boasts that he is “PED FREE.” Good to know.

The other, more disconcerting development from the tweeted photo is the fact that Harper, the day before the Nationals hold the team’s first full-squad workout, is wearing some kind of headband to hold back the evidently somewhat longer hair. Poor form, man. Poor form.

If Mark Sanchez has taught us anything — which is surprising in and of itself — it’s that male athletes should never, ever, under any circumstances, wear headbands, lest they open themselves up to extreme mockery and relentless ridicule.

Fashion tips aside, in other Bryce Harper news, the Nationals outfielder stated he is sick and tired of hearing about running into that wall last season.

“Shoot, every single day I went into therapy, somebody said, ‘Hey, don’t run into a wall,’ ” Harper said, according to The Washington Post (via Hardball Talk). “And, yeah, dummy, you don’t walk across the street when there’s cars coming.”

Ha. Dummy. This is coming from a guy wearing a headband.