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Richard Sherman surprises young Seahawks fan who compared him to Wreck-It Ralph (video)


In the two-week buildup to Super Bowl XLVIII, a primary topic of conversation that was agonizingly parsed, discussed and then parsed again so it could be overanalyzed some more was Richard Sherman’s histrionic antics during an interview with Erin Andrews after the Seattle Seahawks dispatched the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship Game.

Self-righteous critics in the media, social media and otherwise lambasted the cornerback for his conduct during the interview, amusing video odes were created (Kermit and Miss Piggy, anyone?) and everyone eventually moved on, along on their merry way after they grew tired of picking at the bones of an overdone and overall underwhelming non-story.

During the hullabaloo, one Seahawks fan refused to stand aside and let the good name of Richard Sherman be besmirched and dragged through the mud: 6-year-old superfan Nikolas, who likened Sherman to the misunderstood titular character of the 2012 Disney film, “Wreck-It Ralph.”

Sherman retweeted a photo of a heartwarming letter he received from Nikolas, later saying, ““It really touched me because I felt like this little kid got me. He understood that I’m not a bad guy.”

For his efforts and heartfelt sentiments, Nikolas received the thrill of his life when Sherman showed up to a taping of “The Queen Latifah Show” that aired on Tuesday to surprise him and 10-year-old Lucy, a fellow Seahawks superfan.


“The whole experience was amazing!  I can’t even express how incredible.  Seriously, there are no words,” said Nikolas mom, Leslie.

Leslie said after the taping was done, Sherman spent time taking pictures with the kids and talked at length with Nikolas about his essay and how much it meant to him.

“It is a day and an experience that we will never forget,” said Leslie.

Awesome. See? Richard Sherman isn’t a bad guy after all. Just like “Wreck-It Ralph,” right?

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